mySql extract?

I know very little about mySql, so apologies for this crude explanation. In phpMyAdmin I have a table wp_email-list, I have a field email_addr which, not surprisingly, contains the email addresses. I want to get these addresses only into a file.
When I export now I get the id, email_addr, gets_mail, last_modified, date_subscribed. How can I just get the email_addr column?

Follow these steps:

  1. log into phpMyAdmin
  2. on the left side, you see a list of all the tables, click on the table that you want to use, wp_email-list
  3. On the right side, scroll down, and you’ll see a box that says something like: Run SQL query/queries on database…
  4. In this box, type the following:
    SELECT email_addr FROM wp_email-list
  5. Hit the Go button.
  6. On the page the comes up, on the right side, is you scroll down, you should see something that says “export,” click on that
  7. Then just choose the file format that you want to save the email address, (I would suggest Excel or CSV) and set the options and hit go

That should get you all of the email address in a file for you

Thanks for such explicit instructions. I have my list!