MySQL errors

Hi, this might belong in the newbie section but I’ve somehow managed to block all my sites from MySQL. I’ve got a wiki, a blog, and a ActiveCollab site and they are all giving me database errors. It started happening when I changed the allowable hosts for my username. I added the host from my ISP so that I could log in to MySQL from home, but I removed whatever was there at the same time because I thought I didn’t need it. I tried putting what I think was there originally back in to the allowable host field (, but it’s still not working. Can anyone help? is what initially needs to be there, so if it is still not working it may be that your “update” has not yet taken.

Can you reach the host from withing the panel?

I’d give it some time, and if this persists, I’d then consider submitting a support ticket. :wink:


I can get to the phpMyAdmin thing, but I still can’t get to any sites. It’s been like this for a few days already so I don’t think it’s still updating. I can’t even visit the sites from another IP so I think I’ve just broken something somewhere.

I’m sorry, but if you can access the MySQL database from the control panel via PhpMyAdmin, have the previously described proper Dreamhost for the database user, and have your applications providing the correct hostname, user, pass, and database name for the database but still can’t connect I have no other clues, and suggest you contact support. :frowning:

Note that if you are tryng to connect to a Dreamhost hosted database (and host) from another site, or domain name that is not part of Dreamhost, you need to enable the user to connect to the database from that host (whether it be your own computer, or the host of the other website.)

Generally, this stuff either works properly, or doesn’t work at all. The fact that you can reach the database via PhpMyAdmin makes me suspect you have something misconfigured, but without specific details I can only guess what that might be. Maybe DH Support (who can access your files/dirs) can do a better job of telling what is wrong.


I’m having a similar problem too. I can’t even access it from phpMyAdmin (I could earlier today, but only the main page—I couldn’t select any database [it just hang]).
Now Even phpMyAdmin hangs & I can’t even get to the first page!
What’s makes me think it’s something at DH is not just me is not just that my app was working fine when I went to be last night & isn’t connecting at all now; it is that I can successfully login from the command-line & can do a “SELECT *” on all tables except for 2 (I tried dropping them [so I could re-create them] but even that hang for hours).
I’m fairly experienced with databases & I’m pretty sure it’s gotta be something over there.

(sorry for the rant but I’ve halted all my development all day waiting on a ticket)


I agree with your assessment - from what you are describing it does sound very much like something is badly borken at the DreamHost end of things.

It could be any number of things, but there are none that I can think of that you or I can do from our end.

Since you have already filesda support ticket, I have no other suggestion for you - that is all I could suggest at this point :frowning:


OK, I worked out the problem, I’m an idiot. I changed my MySQL user password and I didn’t update it in any of the config files. Oopsie!

Hey, most of us have done that at one time or another. I’m glad you got it working. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help parker. It turns out I ran an un-optimized query & held up all the resources. Tech-support even sent me the list of processes running & there was one hogging up all the memory.
I asked & was shown how to kill a query or process that’s taking too long (via ssh or telnet or command-line FTP).

I’m posting this hoping it will be of help to someone in future.

Yes, you have the privs to do that. You should be able to connect from ssh (or external tools), make sure to use -A flag (so it doesn’t read tables, columns, etc for autocomplete, since those will hang too!) and then you can “show processlist;” and “kill 123;” where 123 is the proc

Thanks again.

Nice! I’m glad they helped get you sorted, and I think it’s great that you shared the “fix” here, as that will very likely be useful to others. Thanks! :wink: