Mysql errors - site down again

hello - is anyone else experiencing mysql errors again?

my site has now gone down yet again because of this

I love dreamhost they have have been an awesome host - so im sure they will help me as soon as they possibly can.

mine just went down i think Deals & Coupon Codes. Why Pay Retail?

edit: yep the html works but the MYSQL is done ;(

My forum is down too (Grizabella)

Also Grizabella!

This is becoming increasingly unacceptable. Are we supposed to be able to run a site with any kind of promise of availability?

A little occasional downtime is OK, but I’ve been a customer for a grand total of two weeks and have had five site outages of significant length, including several hours just a couple of days ago.

Fix this. Please.

im just so upset man - is my site

aussie girl in jail with convicted terrorists

im donating all my time and efforts to help this girl
yesterday we hit 25k uniques - I predicate we will pass 50k today
95% of aussies believe she is innocent - my site is solely to help this girl so when it goes down I feel like I am lettign schapelle down - all these people bombard me with emails for others hosts etc - I def dotn want to move as dreamhost has been preety good in alot of ways and they have great control panel and features - i know foo happens
I just need a hug right now you know…

well its turned out ok - I was led to believe that the upgrades would put an end to the mysql errors so who knows whats up…

I will however say thanks very to dreamhost for the very prompt support

Much much appreciated