MySQL Error - Unable to save result set


DH moved us to a new dedicated server a few days ago (they didn’t tell us the reason.) Since then, a couple times a day on average, I get this error from a MySQL select query (non-update) on the site:

Unable to save result set

Never had that before in the years it ran on the old DH server. I’ve now repaired all the MySQL tables in the database, but it’s happened again since then. For context, there are a few thousand select queries each day and they all work without errors.

Any suggestions please?


have you opened a ticket?

Which type of MySQL server are you using? I think your choices include dreamhost shared, MySQL VPS, and installing it on your own dedicated server.

just a guess, but check Support / Datacenters in the dreamhost panel and see if your dedicated server and MySQL server are located in the same physical data center. if they are not let support know so they can move your databases to the correct Datacenter.

Hi LakeRat,

Thanks for your reply. TBH I don’t recall ever installing MySQL on our dedicated server but the dreamhost panel reports it as on the same dedicated server that hosts our domains.

I’ll raise a ticket with support. Thanks again.



Is that request by any chance returns a BIG data chunk?
Can you check for your php.ini memory settings and also check your server RAM with ‘free -m’ command in the console?

Such error can arise if you query a big dataset as the result of the query and server can’t allocate enough memory to put it.

Hi gexacor, Thanks for your reply. Yes the request would have returned a pretty hefty result sometimes.

It was a few months ago but if I remember the details correctly I got round this error by changing tables in my database that were MyISAM format to InnoDB. The error has not occurred since. [Those tables were MyISAM as I need full-text searching and InnoDB did not offer that in the version of MySQL I originally used. But my MySQL has been upgraded and it now supports InnoDB full-text search. :)]