MySQL error creating Triggers

One of the things that has attracted me to DH is the use of MySQL 5. I wanted to use this because of the availability of TRIGGERS and FUNCTIONS.

However, it seems that the user permissions are not set to allow this by default as I get the following when trying to create a TRIGGER:

Error Code : 1227
Access denied; you need the SUPER privilege for this operation

Is there any way around this?


Julian Knight

Oh drat,

I’ve just checked the MySQL version number on my server (espresso) and it reports 5.0.16.

From the MySQL documentation:


SUPER allows you to kill threads and all sorts of stuff so I guess we arn’t going to be given that!

Anyone know if 5.1.8 is available on one of the servers?


Julian Knight

Ask support. If they can’t get you what you need, you can always make a suggestion.

Remember that this is shared hosting: It depends on exactly what you’re trying to do, but the limitations may be a problem for certain things. Again, support can probably help you with that, at least to some degree.
Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

Thanks for the response.

I will ask support but I wanted to get a feel for things here first so that I am not bothering them with trivia.

I can get round the issues certainly, I was just hoping for triggers as they make a lot of things much easier. Obviously I can’t get SUPER access but I will ask support if there are plans for 5.1.6+ - if I hear anything interesting, I’ll let people here know.

I’ll also update the MySQL entry in the WIKI.


Julian Knight