Mysql - error 2002 (HY000)

Hi guys,

when I am connected via ssh, whenever I try to login to MySQL account I get the error:

But joomla can connect without problem

I didn’t test anything with a simple user account

thanks to help me

That error looks like you didn’t actually communicate with your SQL server. What’s the command you’re trying to use to connect to the SQL server? It needs to specify the server, username, password, etc.


i used

[quote]mysql -u yourdblogin -p


but with :

[quote]mysql -u yourdblogin -p -h yourdb


it work well =)

i think, you should add this error to the wiki :wink:


I’m glad it finally worked for you. When you SSH in to your server, that’s just your web server. Your database server is a different server, which is why you have to specify the database host name in your command.