mySQL downtime?

I just tried to access my Movable Type install, but I get the following error:

Got an error: Bad ObjectDriver config: Connection error: Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘..*’ (111)

I’ve been working in the program all day. Is this a temporary issue? Is anyone else having mySQL related issues?

My Wordpress site just went down while I was doing a post. I’m getting “Error establishing a database connection!” however my EasyMoblog directory is working correctly which uses MySQL as well. Now sure what’s going on, I’ll wait until DH can get MySQL fixed before hitting the WP forums.

I have a similar issue with my invision forum. My 4images gallery however works fine.

this is ridiculous - I joined this host about 3 months ago and since them I would have had 50 MYsql errors resulting in MASSIVE DOWNTIME for my forum.

take today for instance - 8 hours downtime and they’ve sent me an email telling me its all fixed yet my site is still generating massive mysql errors

no dreams here only nightmares

“Sorry about this. As you may have seen in the announcements our
administration team is working on this issue right now. This downtime
was unrelated to problems you may have noticed last week. We should
the server up soon. Sorry about the delay we may need to move on to
hardware for the server.”


I can take this anymore

if you thought it would be the end of it then that would be ok - but this is an ongoing circus act and I want NOTHING more to do with it.

Well my issue is certainly caused by the upgrade to MySQL 4.1.11 in the early hours of this morning (my time GMT+1).

man its disgusting - I am so unimpressed

still down