MySQL Down


Hello everyone.

I am currently one of the secondary administrators for ‘’ (Which means, I don’t own it). It appears that MySQL is down on whatever server is hosted on, and I’m wondering if any other users are currently experiencing the same problem? Will problems like this usually get resolved quickly? I hope it’s soon! Around this time is when my users begin to log in.



As a “secondary administrator” has the account holder given you access to the Control Panel so that you can submit support tickets?

Generally, these things can be fixed pretty quickly, but you do need to let DreamHost know there is a problem. :wink:



Unfortunately, no, I don’t have panel access. I only have FTP access, which does me no good since it doesn’t match the panel. Is it possible you would be able to do one for me? o_O

I just uploaded this PHP file I created to test the SQL connection, as well:

I sent in a contact form, by the way.


Yeah, your test file makes it pretty obvious that there is a problem connecting with the database.

If you completed the contact form, that is as “valid”, and as effective, as me sending a “third party” support request … but I’ll see if there is anyone lurking about on IRC. :wink:

You don’t know offhand what MySQL cluster your db is on, do you?



Unfortunately, no I don’t. This would be a lot easier if I had panel access, haha! I should ask my buddy for that the next time he comes online.



Yeah … it could help. At least you could submit tickets when there is something up that you can’t fix.

One thing you might try, as a further test as to where the problem might be (DNS for the host server, etc.?) is to try to connect directly to the MySQL host with a browser.

On the DreamHost system that will present you with an apache authentication screen, and the MySQL user/pass will drop you into phpMyAdmin for that host (from which you can manipulate the database).

You might also try this, just to see if you can reach the database “by hook or crook”.

One other DreamHoster (besides me) has tested his database since you reported trouble, and our databases are fine … most likely on a different server/cluster.



Using that link you sent, phpMyAdmin returned after entering in the MySQL credentials:

"phpMyAdmin - Error

#2013 - Lost connection to MySQL server during query"

Connecting to the MySQL host from the browser returns a blank page, when normally it would load phpMyAdmin

  • Leo.


Well … that pretty much seals it, it are b0rked! All I can suggest at this point is to be patient and hope that your contact form submission hits a warm body soon, or that you can get a hold of the account holder to get a Support ticket generated.

With any luck, another user on that server will have reported the problem also, so it may be in the process of getting fixed even without your ticket … one can always hope (though it would be nice to know!) :wink:

Good Luck!



Okay, something weird just happened.

Any PHP file that was connected to the SQL server lagged for about a minute upon refresh. After that, SQL worked for a SPLIT second, then down again. :frowning:


Great news, rlparker:


I haven’t received a reply to my e-mail, however it appears to be working again as normal. I haven’t done anything but refresh, retry phpMyAdmin, etc. All is working again! Woohoo!

Thanks a lot for the help anyways, rlparker. I greatly appreciate that! ^^


Actually, the site is now “up” for me! :slight_smile:



Yes, I just received a reply from “Jeff”:

Hello Leo,

Sorry about that! Your MySQL server, Clyde, got hung up and had to be
rebooted. It should be coming back up shortly. I do apologize for the
hassle. Let me know if you have any other questions.



Now I know that it’s Clyde, this might help me out more. Thanks!


Outstanding! I’m glad you are back in business!



MySQL is down (again?) - for my DM hosted site: - I also filled out a support ticket about an hour or so ago.


It appears to be working fine now mate.


Thanks, sXi. Mike M. from DH just replied to my support request that some inconsiderate f-wad was, “offering a particularly large
media file for download. With all the simultaneous users it was
saturating your servers bandwidth and really messing up everyones MySQL connections. (He) disabled the offending file and laid down some smack on the user.”

Thanks to you as well, Mike.