Mysql down

mysql down anyone?

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Yep, down for me too!!! :frowning:

Down for me…

yep, mine’s toasted too…any word on when it’ll be back up?

Mine’s all tickety-boo, so it cannot be system-wide.

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wish mine was tickety-boo.

completed support ticket says it’s not system-wide.

grrrr dev time down the drain :frowning:

…and mine’s suddenly tickety boo!

back up, it seems.

up now.
I should backup every minute so I can go on on wamp when it’s down…

Maybe I could even write some code to use wamp’s mysql when DH’s one is down.

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I personaly got my sites index page from google cache and put it instead of wordpress default DB error page on

all internal links are inactive but at least users see something

it’s tickety boo suddenly and then as well suddenly tickety “cant’ connect”

for me it’s tickety “can’t connect” right now:( on “gromit:elba” MySQL Server

As of 1:10pm central time, mine is down as well. It’s been up and down for the last 12 hours. Looks like I need to open a ticket…

down here too. noticed it yesterday but thought it’d be fixed by now

If your mysql connection ever goes down for more than 10 minutes please send in a support message. And even if an entire mysql server crashed and had to be rebooted it would not take more than an hour.

If any service has been down for you for an entire day, it is very, very unlikely that the problem is server wide or system wide. If something like this was occurring, it would definitely be posted on

The one exception to the rule is if the problem is intermittent. In that case the monitoring tools may be missing the problem. So in that case you should send in a support request.


i’ve sent 2 already. the first letting them know its been down for a day. and second letting them know that it will come up and go back down after clicking a few links

All the free prawn in your uploads directory is causing some lag making it difficult for mysql to connect. I’ll try to find out if there is a way to extend mysql’s connection timeout as it seems to be timimg out rather quickly.

ok. once i’m able to get back in to the admin i’ll delete a hundred or so videos too

I am working on this with mysql support.

Mysql is down for my main site, i get:

“Database Error: Unable to connect to your database. Your database appears to be turned off or the database connection settings in your config file are not correct. Please contact your hosting provider if the problem persists.”

But I’m working on a smaller, total separate database to this one on the same hosting and mysql works fine… is this a sign my main sites database is some how screwed up or?