mySQL down

Is anyone else having trouble with mysql right now? My scripts that previously connected to the database are failing now. There is no announcement issued as yet.

Just checked, it worked.

How did you find out the name of the server? My website is hosted on charm.

Mine is down too. Server is toonces. Going on 3 hours of downtime.

Okay, so I’m not alone. I really like Dreamhost, but I would absolutely love them if they would at least tell people when something like this goes out. Instead I’m spinning my wheels trying to figure out if someone has messed with my database passwords or with my connect scripts.

I’m at about 3 hours of downtime now, too.

Y, I’m ticked too. My satisfaction level is 99% with DreamHost, but it drops some when things like this happen.


Found my base server name in
panel > status > MySQL usage

Oh, okay. I’m on toonces too. Looks like toonces bit the dust.

I’m also on toonces :frowning:

This is the reply I got from support:
“We are having problems with the machine that your database is hosted on.
Our Admins are currently working to resolve the issue. Everything will be
up and running shortly.”

Not especially helpful…

It’s up again. Hey, at least you got a response. That’s all I wanted to know.

It was down at least at 7:30 when client emailed me to tell me so. Still down at 9:30 when I sent my support request in. Then I just received a downtime notice:

Hello Toonces Users,

Toonces is currently experiencing a hardware problem. We are investigating and will get back to
you with more information shortly.

Happy DreamHost MySQL Team!

quickly followed by a support request response:

Sorry about this. We were aware of the problem immediately but
unfortunately had some issues with the way the machine was labeled in our
database. This made it difficult to locate and reboot the server for a
new admin on duty. The server is up now and our administration team will
go ahead and keep a close eye on the server to make sure that no further
problems persist. Sorry for the length of downtime. We will work on our
procedure for handling these situations more effectively.