Mysql down more than up

For the past two days I’ve been having issues with the mysql servers being down. It seems everytime I go to use my sites the servers are down. Is anyone else having this issue? Dreamhost fixes it once it is reported, but a few of the times it has taken over an hour. This appears to be a recurring issue, does dreamhost usually swap out drives or servers when a server is known to be unreliable?

I’m new to dreamhost, and if they can’t get these mysql issues fixed (fast) then I’m going to have to take them on up their 97 day satisfaction guarantee. It is such a pain to move hosts, and I’m all moved in - just finding things that the house inspector didn’t find before closing - like the missing roof…


This just in from
Database server odie, hardware troubles.

The database server ‘odie’, is having hardware issues which have impacted its stability. Those of you who have recently signed up, and are having recurring database troubles, this is more than likely the cause. We’re in the process of migrating everyone’s data to a different server, and will update this post once it has completed.

Nice to know what’s going on, and hoping they can fix this fast.


This just in from support:
Sorry about that, your mysql server “odie” failed and we had to move your services to a new server called “ren”, it is now fixed and your services are fine, sorry about that, you can read more about what happened on our status page here

Well, that just about sums it up. It was a pain to have mysql outages, but the solution Dreamhost provided is good (swapping servers), and the personalized apology and notification are good customer service practices. So far I’ll stick with dreamhost, pretty satisfied so far.