MySQL double/triple inserts

I’ve got a create comment php script that is running in both my dev and prod environments. The only difference code-wise is the require_once MySQL connect scripts that - obviously - point to different databases - felix:blu for dev and milo:turbo for prod. Additionally, the connect scripts haven’t changed in 2-3 years, and the create comment script hasn’t changed since April.

In the dev environment, I’m seeing double or triple inserts of the same records. The problem is not occurring in the prod environment.

I’ve got a sev 3 ticket open, but have not heard back in almost 4 hours

any ideas?

That’s a strange one! Are both databases running the same MySQL version?


it actually seems that my php scripts are executing multiple times… one of them sends an email at the end, and it’s sending 2-3 copies of the email

I’m absolutely clueless as to how this could be happening… I’m commenting out chunks of code to try to isolate the problem

This ended up being a problem with the browser (firefox Every single time I executed the form pages (method = post) it generated 2 or 3 hits in the access log, with 2 or 3 corresponding database inserts

A new instance of the browser failed to reproduce the problem.