It is possible to access phpMyAdmin securely? Like with webmail.


Yes, it is possible, but it’s pretty weird. You will ssh into your shell account and tunnel your phpMyAdmin session on top of your ssh connection. The following commands work on MacOS X, so hopefully they will work on other Unix-like systems. No clue about Windows…

sudo ls
sudo ssh
Then, in your browser, go to the following URL:

The browser warns that the password is being sent in the clear, but that should just be going from to so it is probably okay.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work well with other local ports (ie 8080), so you need to use sudo to forward port 80. The ‘sudo ls’ command is only used to get sudo ‘in the mood’ so that you aren’t asked for two passwords at once.

If you would rather use a local MySQL frontend and connect securely to your database, see this link.

I hope this helps!