Mysql db

I have been trying to set up a mysql db and I was able to create one using the subdomain with dreamhosters. But when I try to connect to the db in order to populate it with fields, I am unable to do so. The server, apparently can’t be found. I’m clicking on the link that says I should be able to connect, but I can’t. It was suppose to be accessible within 5-10 minutes but it’s been quite some time now and I still have no access. Anyone have any ideas why this is happening?

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Were you unable create a MySQL Hostname using your own domain name?

eg. mysql.domain.tld

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Evidently, a sub-domain takes a whole lot longer than the documentation says that it should take. After a couple of hours I tried again and was finally able to connect to the page to populate the db.

I am trying to make the mysql work by mirroring the domain with a sub-domain and not pointing my old site on another server. I must make certain that the site works as it’s supposed to do prior to moving the namerserver pointers. My entire site is dependent upon mysql in order to display.

Thanks for your help. I guess I was too hasty in expecting the sub-domain to respond after creation. But the docs of DreamHost indicated that it would only take a few minutes.

Be gentle with me… retirement is right around the corner

My subdomains show up really quickly. If you have more than one domain hosted here, try adding an additional database hostname under the other domain. It’ll just be another alias for the same server.

As an additional note, this is the URL for phpMyAdmin in extended format: