MySQL DB Creation?

I was woundering if there was anyway I could create a database on the same localhost. I can only seem to create one on a localhost. This is a real problem when it adds lines to codes that have to be changed daily. (ie db connection lines, I declare variables for connecting) Before I was here all I needed to do was a db selection code.

Any ideas? (btw DH should allow db creation through phpMyAdmin)

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Nop, there’s no way to add a database at localhost, becuase Dremahost has special servers set up to handle all of the databases.

You could go for a dedicated server, and then you’ll have databasese at localhost. :wink:

Your best bet will be to set up your coding differently. It should be easy enough to differentate the mysql connection from any coding you’d be changing. If you need help with that, post your code or explane what you’re trying to do and I’m sure someone here will be able to help out.