MySQL databases on down again


I’m hosting on ‘ginny’ which seems to be stable enough; but all my databases are on “” ( Since Sunday, when the power outages began, that server has been mostly unstable.

It allows pings all the time, but neither MySQL (port 3306) nor HTTP (for phpMyAdmin access) are responding.

I filed a support request, and sure thing, on the late Monday morning (GMT) the database servers came up again… only to die shortly after a few hours. I filed a new support request, which has been ignored for the past 18 hours.

Now, if the server were permanently down, I would suspect a major hardware failure. Also, if it were sporadically responding, it could be simply an excess of load on the machine. But neither is the case. The server is definitely up and running fine, although probably with lots of errors on the console, and neither MySQL or Apache have launched. And Dreamhost seems to be ignoring it for several hours. 72 hours, so far, except for a few hours yesterday when it ran flawlessly.

I understand that the many many problems due to the power outages have left most servers very unstable. Still, it’s a bit annoying. Data centres are supposed to survive power outages and power fluctuations (and we all know that they have all sorts of UPSes and generators anyway).

On the webchat interface one easily finds lots of people reporting the same issue with server… I wonder how many support tickets on this have been filed. Fortunately, my major site has a very good disk cache, and so people are able to see most pages — I just can’t update it without MySQL working :frowning:

  • Gwyn