Mysql database


I have two questions.
1st: I just switched hosts. I was hosted by my friend on, however, after coming across DreamHost I bought a hosting plan. I have a .sql backup of my database, and I am interested in making a new database on this server and filling it with the old info. How does one go about that? I read on the wiki that I should do the “mysql -u username -p -h hostname database name < /dir/to/backup.sql” but that returned an error.
2nd: I created a database within my DreamHost Panel, however, I am unable to go to the web managment of the database ( It says address not found. Is this due to the changes of the way DH is handling MySQL or is it my mistake?

thanks in advance!


Depending upon how long ago ago you created the database via the Control Panel, the database host name is probably still proagating over DNS systems - hence address not found. Be patient. It can take from “hours” to “days” for the host name to resolve for you.

Once that is done, depending upon the size of the .sql file, PhpMyAdmin reachable at makes actually adding the data to the database a breeze.



Ya, if it’s 7mb or larger then you won’t be able to use phpmyadmin to import the data. Check out the article in the wiki called migrate mysql (or somethign similiar) for help in this process.



You can use Bigdump to import larger sql bckups. I used a couple of times to restore large phpBB DBs. It’s really handy, you just have to set your DB setting (user, passwd, etc), upload the script, your sql file and go!

The limit for uploading the sql directly from the browser is set by your php.ini (default for DH is 7meg) but you can also FTP it.

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Thank you all for the help. The hostname issue must have been the DNS, for it is not working. I was worried because it said between 5-10minutes. Anyway, I was able to put the old information into the new database thanks to phpmyadmin.

Thanks again,