Mysql database/user creation

Hello. I’ve created about 10 new databases in my mySql panel. None of them are active yet and it has been over an hour. Is this related to the problems that occurred this weekend or is this normal? Anything I can do to get this working? I’d like to start importing my data and developing, as I’m under a deadline.

Also, is there a more efficient way than the control panel to grant access to various users for all of my newly created databases? I had thought I could do it from a shell login, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Do I not have that ability to grant access as a root user or something?

Actually, it also looks like I am unable to add existing users to my new databases that I’ve created. I have an existing database called “myDatabase1”, for example, and I have about 4 users who have varying degrees of read/write access to that database. I would like to replicate these same permissions over the newly created databases “myDatabase2”…“myDatabase11” as well, but the panel is not allowing me to do so. Any advice on this? I can go to the shell if that makes the most sense. Seems like it would be much faster than doing it through the panel.

Help! Thanks in advance.