MySQL Database Size Limit?

I’ll post this message here instead of troubling support. It’s not that much a critical question, just wondering…

Is there a limit on the size of your MySQL database? I can’t find any information on this on the web panel or in the KBase. And if there is, is there a way to extend your database size?


So, like… Maybe Dream Host could offer plans with Linux Alpha and 8TB+ of disk space.

…Bob W.

The official limit is about 5MB (although not generally strictly enforced). We are about to roll out new MySQL plans which are based on both size and the amount of connections you make / the number of selects you make.

This means that we can significantly improve performance for customers with lower use patterns, and charge customers with higher usage more. This also encourages people to optimise their code, and keeps our main shared MySQL machine from being overloaded.

Not to fear, though. The customers likely to be affected most by this are a very small percentage of overall MySQL users.

As far as space; if you’re not using an obscene amount of space I wouldn’t sweat it too much.


[quote]So, like… Maybe Dream Host could offer plans with Linux Alpha and
8TB+ of disk space.



We do have some pretty big ones internally; our Dreambook database appears to be taking up about 7GB right now.

Our internal databases probably take up a few GB; maybe more. Nothing close to 8TB though…


And here I was planning on creating a website with HDTV-resolution video of every movie ever made.

…Bob W.

Thanks, Will. I thought that something like this might come into force soon.

I guess the uptake on MySQL databases is now getting quite high?