Mysql database not created?

Am i just being a dumbass here? I set up a mysql database earlier today (about ten hours ago) and it still doesn’t seem to be set up, though I may have done something stoopid. When I go to, I get an error that says the dbase doesn’t exist.

I am trying to make it work before DNS replication directs browsers going to my old site to this unfinished one. (D’oh!)

Any thoughts, folks?

God, wouldn’t you know it?

As soon as I posted this, the page went to a dialogue where I was asked for a user name and password, which (for some reason) failed. I went back, deleted the user (because I suspected that the password having a special character in it might have caused the failure. I am now giving that a minute to work its way through the system.

mt-load.cgi is stil returning a “ does not exist” error, though fixing the password may solve that. We’ll see.

Still can’t log into it’s kicking me out after failing to authenticate.

and MT won’t get past this error:
Bad ObjectDriver config: Connection error: Unknown MySQL Server Host ‘’ (1)


Bueller? Anyone?

What’s the actual domain / hostname you’re using?

my domain=

mysql host=

I can IM you username and pass if need be. icq/aim/yahoo/msn (yay, GAIM)

Looks like the domain was just recently registered; our caching nameservers still weren’t resolving it. I flushed the cache over there and you should be good to go now.

We won’t ask you for those - you’d be well advised not to trust anyone asking you for your password; and we can generally figure out the username based on the domain.

I would have created a user called “strawman” with a fake password and deleted him as soon as I knew you were out. I ain’t that stoopid.

Thanks for the help. You’re a saint. Where do I send the beer?

You can send it to the same PO box checks go to.

Make sure it’s still cold when it gets here!