MySQL database error

I previously installed Zen Cart and have since removed as I no longer needed it. Now I do, and I want to install the script again, but when I go to the one click screen I get the error “You’re already using “” for a database (or website).”

If I go to Goodies and MySQL I get “We’re sorry, you have no plans that allow MySQL databases!” So I can’t edit or remove the old database or install manually and setup the database. What can I do?


That is really strange, as all DreamHost shared hosting plans allow MySQL databases.

Are you the owner of the account, or have you been given a WEBID (web panel log-in) by the account owner? If the latter, then it is possible the WEBID created for you does not have MySQL privileges.

If you are indeed the account owner, are you using your primary panel log-in?


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It could be a web ID, but I think you’re right I have an add on domain and I think I’m logging in with that, I’ll try with the primary domain details. cheers