MySQL Database down

Anyone else having issues not connecting to your MySQL database?

Yeah, lost three of my SQL’s without warning this morning. The odd thing was, all three had a Mambo install on them and all three disappeared at the same time.

?? Any ideas?

also experiencing trouble connecting to mysql dbs.
i have 3, but can connect only to one of them…

Bummer. I’ve got 6 databases and a quick check showed 3 are down. I really hope they are up and running soon.

So much for getting a headstart on my day…

Sonofa… indeed tis’ down, both of mine, and both of mine are Mambo (non one-click install versions).

I’ve got Drupal and Gallery2 databases down. BTW, how do you determine which server your database resides on?

Under Status and then MySQL Usage you’ll find your server names. It looks like server ‘heathliff’ is missing one of his lives this morning. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ah well, I needed a day off anyway.

Would this explain why it’s taking a long time for my SMF forums taking forever to load?

They’re php based using MySQL databases.

The forums work, just take forever to load. If the database was down, I would think it wouldn’t load at all?

How can you tell that ‘one of his lives is missing’? What information indicates that? The conueries? I’m a newbie.

It’s a Joke - Heathclif was (is?) a cartoon cat in the us. Ie. nine lives… so if the server is broken or “dead” as people often say, then one of his lives is gone…


Sorry…that was sort of a bad joke. heathcliff is the name of the server I think…and for it was also the name of a cat (looooooong time ago)…so I was teasing that ‘Heathcliff’ died, cat died…9 lives, cats, server down…you know, now that I write this it really was much more clever 3 hours ago when I was cross eyed over a long night at the computer.

Sorry for the confusion, I’ll make sure I get some sleep before posting too much more today!!

About your board running slow…I’m unsure, but I can tell you that the three SQL’s I’m missing are not responding at ALL.

Good Luck! And sorry for the confusion!

I’m really sorry about this. It looks like this server failed this morning in a way that let our network monitoring software continue connecting and make queries, but was not letting your traffic through!

Reconfiguring the network interfaces brought it back online immediately. I’m very sorry about the multiple hour outage, our network monitoring package didn’t make a peep. I have alerted The Powers That Be about this and will be keeping an eye on it throughout the day.

Looks like it’s working. Thanks for the quick fix!

And now I get the joke! :slight_smile: