Mysql Database Down

Just looking for what I can do to get mysql database up and running again. My most used database is down for the count for some reason. I can’t get access to it or anything. I’m running wordpress on it. I’ve currently got 3 installs on my account fed from different databases. None of the others are experiencing any problems. I’ve not changed anything, I just woke up today and it was dead. Does anyone know the reason? Are the guys and gals upgrading or something, and if so why aren’t any of the other installs beat up or anything?

Any help would be great. I’m calm in the fact that DH backs up everything so I wouldn’t have lost much I don’t think, still I’d like to get it up and running. Already sent a ticket, but is this just something I’m experiencing?

My web site is slow too, when trying to connect to a database

Seems it’s back to working again, must have been a bit of a fart to be fair…I dunno. It’s not happened before to my knowledge…

My site is now down after mySQL came back up. Something had to have changed or something happened. No response from support as of yet.

I signed up on Friday and my one database has been going up and down on a regular basis ever since then. For what it’s worth, it looks like my files are hosted on and my database server is hobbes.

I’m only putting up a small e107 site and if Dreamhost’s MySQL servers can’t even handle the traffic I’m putting on them during setup and testing, I don’t know how they’re ever going to survive when 5 people get on there simultaneously.

Does anyone know if they’ve been doing maintenance or something??