MySQL Database backup

Hey guys,
I am new to DH’s MySQL system.
Does anyone know if they keep a backup of the databases and if so can i access this backup like i can the backups of my other user space?

I have gone and done something retarded and REALLY need to restore my db from a backup.


We do keep backups, but it will take a while longer to access them - you’d need to submit a support request about it.

It is a good idea to keep your own backups (using mysqldump) as well.

i have submitted a request… about 15 hours ago.
I was beginning to worry.
That is very comforting to know.

yes i know i should keep my own… this is my first foray into MySQL.
i was really worried because we have third parties entering data for us. It would be horrible if i had lost all that data.

What kind of interim should i expect before i can get the database restored?


how often do these backups happen?
it would really be a shame for too much time to elapse and my data that could have been saved get washed under the table by another pass.