Mysql data transfer via ssh failed?

I want to transfer my site to DH, and I created a sub domain with domain and created mysql database on this. Than I exported my database data and uploaded it to my site on DH. It’s about 105mb… Than I used command (ssh) mysql -u dbuser -p -h hostname dbanme < /path/to/sql.file than it started to insert tables to my new mysql databes. But it stopped after ~20 min. I tried 2 times and all of them failed. I couldn’t transfer my datas. How can I transfer it? I need help about that… And is it possible to create mysql 4 database? I couldn’t find it from the new control panel…

It sounds like you have the right idea, but may be running into some DH specific issues with your data import.

That looks like you may have run into DH’s “procwatch” program that “automagically” kills processes that take too much CPU time, RAM, or run too long. You shoulkd try that command line again using the “nice” command, which should allow you to finish the import, though it might take longer. :wink: .

nice -n 19 mysql -u dbuser -p -h hostname dbanme < /path/to/sql.file

AFAIK, all DH MySQL databases are now MySQL 5; I don’t think you can create a MySQL 4 database.


Stopped? or send an error? if stopped, how much time? your database could be very LARGE…

also you can connect to the mysql and on load the database
mysql (with your host and user)

[quote]use databasename
. databasetoload

Then you will see all warnings and messages…

And maybe will get more info.

Yeah, I tought it can be a killing system like you told :slight_smile: Thank you very much, I have ran the command which you give. I think it will succes this time. Thank you again…

Oops… It’s stopped again, at the same time… Have you got any idea? I couldn’t transfer my mysql database. I can’t use my web site…

There could be any of several things causing the problem.

  1. Your export/dump from the other database my be corrupt

  2. the upload of that dump to DH could have not been properly completed.

  3. there could be some incompatibility between the database version you dumped that data from and the DH version of MySQL.

…and actually several more…I think vicm3 was on the right track at this point. When it “stops”, especially since you say “at the same time”, there must be some error message or other indicator of what the problem is, and that is where the clue to the problem lies. :wink:


I don’t think it is an export problem… And I don’t know how to use mysql command line. Which program do you advise me? I downloaded Mysql Tools from mysql offical web site… But I couldn’t find anything to write…

You can just use phpMyAdmin, but I think it takes some modifying to get it to accept database dumps larger than 10MB. Try BigDump.
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