MySQL conueries

Was reading over the different sections, and in the SQL section of the control panel it states

"Try to keep your conueries low for the best database performance! "

But what’s a low conuerie value ?

It’s really relative, and there is not even a published metric for it (anymore) than I am aware of.

This was a “bigger deal” when DH actually set “hard limits” on “conueries” usage per user/plan (which they no longer do).

There are quite a few reference to conueries that you might find useful in the DH wiki ( check here).

A good place to start might be this article from the “older” Kbase.

The bottom line to ""Try to keep your conueries low for the best database performance! ", is just another way of saying to try to optimize your databases, and minimize connections (maxmize queries per connection).


Thanks rlparker. I did not know that way to optimize database. I need more practices on database. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Basically, if you’re making changes to the database, you want to do as many per connection as possible (rather than connect, change, disconnect, repeat). If you’re doing a lot of select statements, you can cache the results to avoid making a connection for the next query.

For the most part, these aren’t major issues on small sites, but it’s always best to optimize early on.

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