MySQL Console or PHPMyAdmin


Hi - Dreamhost newbie but somewhat versed in websites.

I tried to access PHPMyAdmin using mysql.[website name].org but it just times out.

I also seem to be clueless on opening a command shell. In the wiki it states: "Then, login to your MySQL database. You can copy/paste the exact syntax for your database in the Account Panel under “Goodies” / “MySQL.” ". Yeah… only it does not say how to open the shell.

I little enlightenment/education would be appreciated.




Is the actual name of your DB server? Just in case, the proper link to your DB server is here:
If that doesn’t work, is your site brand new here?

And here are some shell instructions:


Thanks for the reply.

Sorry for the confusion but is just an example. My website It is not a new site in that it has existed for over a year and I use it to run test on webistes I am building. Going to the link to my DB server and clicking on the “phpMyAdmin” link under the “Hostname Web Administration” title bar just times out.

I have seen the shell instruction under "Connect to Your MySQL Database from Your Shell Account " - however, part of what my question is “Connect to Your MySQL Database from Your Shell Account” using what application?



If that link to your DB server times out, submit a ticket to Support, unless you want to PM me the actual hostname so I can see if it’s broken for me, too.

Shell is an application. Just as you use SSH to connect to your web server, there are SQL commands you use to connect to your database server. This is the command to open up a SQL session:
mysql -u yourdblogin -p -h yourdb

And here’s a little tutorial:


OK - I think I understand and correct me if I am off. Like I said I am a nubie. If I am understanding this, Shell is an application if I am access the DB from the Linux server. So, how or what do I use to “SSH to connect to my web server?” Since I am using a windows 7 machine, do I connect to the web server a using an emulator?


You can use PuTTY to access your Shell account.

And make sure your user is set to allow for Shell access in Manage Users (Click Edit for that user).


Ah! Thank you