Mysql connections not working after php.ini change


After installing drupal on my dreamhost account, I had to change some variables in my php.ini and the .htaccess file and followed the instructions found on the wiki (

everything in the drupal system seems to working, however - and this is a big HOWEVER - some simple php with a mysql connection i had in a different directory suddenly stopped working. it seems like a simple hello world statement works fine, but the code featuring the actual database connection is not handled by the server and by just viewing the source i could see all the php connection strings! meaning, of course, that my mysql password was out in the open! this is of course is freaking me out a bit and keeps me from playing around with the settings on my own (i am unexperienced with this entire process). is this a common problem? what’s wrong?

note that my root folder didn’t seem to contain (it wasn’t jsut hidden, triple checked using differennt clients) a .htaccess file prior to me creating one - is this unusual? and might some missing lines there be the problem.

as of now, i’ve disabled the htaccess and therefore the new php.ini-instructions, however, i have no other choice but to reactivate it sooner or later and therefore, i must solve this.

What PHP directives did you have to change?

What extension did the script filename have?

Are you sure you didn’t need to modify this directive in .htaccess file?

# Handle .php and .html files AddHandler php5-cgi .php .html

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