Mysql connection takes 3 seconds


I am on a Private server with a psmysql, sometimes connections to the psmysql takes around 3 seconds it happens randomly around 1% of connections in my case.

I did some searching on google and found these :

Could this be the issue? Any one else experiencing something similar?

Edit: Apart from this connection issue which always seems to take 3 seconds, the queries that usually take 0.001 seconds sometimes takes up to 8 seconds as if they are being locked by something else. Haven’t figured this one out yet.


I experience the same problem. I am also on VPS and VPS MySQL. Some pages on my forums would take over 3 seconds to load, then after that, all the subsequent pages would load very quickly. If I go away for 15 minutes and come back to try that same page again, it would again take 3 seconds. I tried to see what it was doing by looking at it with Firefox Firebug. And it seems like it was stuck in “Waiting Time” for 3 seconds, Connecting and Receiving was only less than 100ms.

I, too, am trying to diagnose this problem…