MySQL Connection in Dreamweaver CS3

Hi all,

Is anyone familiar with the Dreamweaver CS3 MySQL connection function?

I created a MySQL connection in Dreamweaver to my local testing apache server on my local machine and accessed my MySQL databse tables successfully. However, when local testing was complete and I wanted to access my MySQL database on my dreamhost server the connection failed.

All I did was change the MySQL server address in the Dreamweaver MySQL Connection dialog box from ‘localhost’ to (where domain name is the name of my remote host db which I created in my dreamhost account). All I get now is an #1045 access denied error from my IP address.

Has anyone got any idea why dreamweaver does not recognize and get authorization to connect to my dreamhost db?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

To keep databases at DH (somewhat more) secure, remote access is blocked by default.
You can enable access from your remote machine.
Here is a DH wiki article which outlines the steps you can do in the control panel.



Sweet. You are absolutely correct. I added the permissions that I needed and I can now access my dbs remotely.

Thank you.