MySQL Connection Failed (An Unidentified Error Has Occurred")

I created a MySQL database 24 hours ago immediately after signing up for a DreamHost (DH) web hosting account.

I then tried creating a MySQL Connection with Dreamweaver (DW) CS6 since last night till now without success. I keep getting “An unidentified error has occurred” error message whenever I tested the connection with DW. This is despite having entered the Host Name, Database Name, User Name and Password correctly as shown on the DH’s MySQL Databases panel.

Is it because my new website and database hostname propagation is not completed yet? I have run out of idea how else to fix the problem.

Can any DH engineer or user help me? I need to solve the issue quickly because I have to demo my website to a client in 2 days time.

If you are trying to connect to a dreamhsot db from outside dreamhost (i.e. your local machinerunning dreamweaver) you will need to whitelist the IP address. Go back to the mySQL database page in the panel and click on the user name in the “users that have access” column and add your IP address to the allowable hosts field.

Which IP address should I add? I don’t have a static IP address because I am working from a home office which does not have a fixed IP from the ISP. The site I registered and hosted in DH is Need your guidance on this.

disclaimer: I don’t use dreamweaver and can only fill you in on what it takes to make a remote connection to a dreamhost DB which is what I assume you are trying to do.

On the same screen as the allowable hosts field, in the description for that field you will see “Your current computer is:” followed by an IP address. Use that IP address. If your IP changes you will need to update it. This only applies to database connections you are trying to make to your local machine. The default entry of takes care of connections being made from a dreamhost webserver.