MySQL Connection Error

I’m getting this MySQL error when I try to connect to (yes, I have that sub-domain setup as my MySQL host):

“Warning: mysql_connect(): Access denied for user: ‘’ (Using password: NO) in /home/.fandango/hyponiq/ on line 7
Access denied for user: ‘’ (Using password: NO)”

Note: MYUSERNAME is actually substituted for my actual user name, but I put that for safety practices.

When I try connecting to MySQL, it 1) Doesn’t use a password to connect to MySQL and 2) Acts as though the user doesn’t exist.

I’ve been working with PHP a long time and I’ve never had this problem before. What’d I do wrong?

Here’s what the PHP looks like:

$dbuser = “MYUSERNAME”;
$dbpass = “MYPASSWORD”;
$dbhost = “”;

$link = mysql_connect($dbhost, $dbuser, $dbpass) or die(mysql_error());

Is the above right? (That’s the same basic PHP I’ve used for a year now…never once any problems.)

Uhm…LOL…forgive me for this, but I already figured out the answer. No problems now. Thanks anyway. blushes in shame

Psst…I had the wrong password.

L0L hehe, no worries, we all make mistakes (thats how we learn things) :slight_smile: