Mysql connection down

Looks like my mysql connection is down on Garrison, anyone else noticing any problems? Just when I was starting think things were getting better, the DH achilles heel seems to be DB connections, they are overloaded, are therefore slow and unreliable.

I still have a month left in my grace period, but I really dont want to leave, but things like this make that decision less difficult.

I just posted myself, same problems all morning but with a different server, cheshire. Definitely some SQL problems this morning. I’ve had a ticket open for some time, just waiting and clearing out my inbox from all these failed connection emails.


I’m glad to see it’s not only me who’s having this problem. I just signed up for two years of hosting this week (so i’m a little new at the cpanel interface) and thought for sure I’d b0rked my database, even though I haven’t touched it since it was last working.

Does dreamhost have a status board where I can check for outages like this?

mine’s also down. very annoying! 2nd time in a month that i notice…

Grizabella is down too, for the second time this week!

The client I am hosting is ready to switch hosts. I have been happy with DH, but when a production server goes down, I have to wonder.

My support request is over 1.5 hours old… no response.

Decimal, mysql servers don’t show up in the status reports - I big problem if you ask me!

I am new to dreamhost and I have only heard really positive things up to this point. Is this a common occurence? I was considering switching several sites but with databases going down it makes me think twice. I have a database on Grizabella as well and it is still down.

I’ve been with dreamhost for almost 5 years and haven’t really had any problems, except recently this seems to be happening more and more. I wish we had access to tech support somehow, even if we had to pay for it. And they certainly need to put SQL status somewhere on the CP - major flaw if you ask me.

Mine is working fine now.

yeah it sad that everyone have mysql problem, i have problem too for over few hour. I am worry about my visitor won’t coming back since my site down several times a week

I’m glad I still have three months to evaluate dreamhost. If this happens much more I’m just going somewhere else. It’s a lot easier to change hosts than it is to deal with unexplained downtime.

I can’t connect to my sql database either. Kind of a drag since I just switched to DH this past Friday. Well, perhaps I can access my site tomorrow. It’s getting late here on the East Coast. :slight_smile:

This is twice in 8 days for me. Connection errors for an over-loaded machine. My latest request (see below) has been in for 7 hours.

My support request:
#1006932 SQL server for SUNDATA DB down 7 hours 18 mins

The last response I got:
On Mon, 28 Mar 2005, you wrote:

[quote]My SQL DB Sundata was down this morning from 11:00am EST to 11:15. I
did not get any message to indicate there was trouble or a planned
service outage. Please advise.


We don’t generally send out announcements if a machine is only down
for a short period of time such as this. It looks like the server was a
little overloaded and needed to be rebooted. Sorry for any inconvenience
this caused you. Let us know if you need anything else.


Mine’s down at present. Wordpress site can’t make a connection, phpMyAdmin doesn’t load. Logged a call, queue is over 400, though…

Les Bessant
Losing it[1]

My DB on stimpy is unreachable and has been so for at least the last hour, probably longer.

This is the second downtime since I signed up that I have noticed, between that and the lag on the DB servers in the evenings I’m getting frustrated with this.

I logged a support ticket but don’t expect to get a response too soon since there are over 400 tickets waiting in the queue at the moment.

I’m also on stimpy and it’s still down. I hope this doesn’t happen often…

Yes, mine’s on Stimpy - dbs on other servers are working as normal. Of course, the live one that I actually care about is the one that’s down, mutter, mutter.

Les Bessant
Losing it[1]

I’m more or less in the same boat.

All of my other dbs doing get any real traffic. Then again neither does the one on Stimpy, but it is the one that gets used the most of the three dbs I have.

Really aggrivating. Even more so because the page doesn’t show anything wrong. Lot of help that is.

I’m on stimpy and have been down now for somewhere near 3 hours (posting 10:30 est)


My count was from about 8:30 this morning, so the db had been down for at least an hour from when I noticed.

I’m assuming at this point that there was some kind of massive hardware failure. That’s the only reason I could see a server being down for this long.

Yes, went down around 7:30 est because I was briefly on and things were fine and then bam gone. I put in a support ticket about 8 am est or a little before. At that time there were 384 in que so I was thinking perhaps something was pretty wrong.

I’m on stimpy and got a SQL error message last night at around 8:00PM EST. Then I got a message just bfoe 6:000AM EST and have been receiveing messages ever since.