MySQL connection - Access Denied: issue with ^ in password

I have several MySQL databases. All of them are working except for the new one that I created yesterday. I get a message that states that the username used to log into the database is denied access. I’m aware that you have to add Dreamhost ( and the IP address of my network. This is how I have all of my other ones set up and they work. I can’t tell what the difference is with this one. It is setup the same as other databases that I have.

Sometimes I can log in through phpMyAdmin and other times I can’t. However, I can log into several other accounts with not problem.

Another note: When I log into my DreamHost account and go under Goodies->MySQL Databases, the database in question says “Size unavailable” which all of my other databases have the size listed. I’ve never seen this message before.

The username currently has all access to run DB scripts.

Failed to connect to MySQL: Access denied for user 'gbjostader'@'' (using password: YES)

Could the issue be with DreamHost, or am I missing something?

I may have figured out the connection issue. It may have been because of the password I was using for the username. It contained a carrot (^) while all of my other passwords did not.

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That was my problem too! Thanks!!!

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