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Just switched over to dream host, its pretty nice stuff! but i got a problem getting to phpmyadmin or connecting from cocoa…

I’m migrating a site over so currently the domain name is say…

I signed up for a dream host account with a static ip

so in my host file if I add I can hit the dreamhost server. which is perfect. BUT

when I add to the host file and try to hit it, it just hits the same page instead of brining me to a phpmyadmin page. I added my home computer to the IP access but still no avail.

Not sure what I have to do here to get to phpmyadmin as I need to migrate of my db before I point the domain over.

Any help will be awesome, feel free to email me too!

The static IP is only for your hosting. You MySQL will still be on a shared server.

Unless you move to PS or dedicated server.

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so how do I access this shared server? w.o. having the dns pointing?


I don’t know why you want to run PHPMySQLAdmin from your local machine.

If you just want to use PHPMySQLAdmin, you can try DH panel --> Goodies --> Manage MySQL --> PHPMySQLAdmin. It links to your database.

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Oh sorry for any confusion. I’m not trying to install phpmyadmin on my local machine, im trying to access phpymyadmin like you said.

The problem the domain is not pointing to dream host at the moment, its still pointing to a different production server. so clicking on phpmyadmin in the control panel does nothing but shoot up an error

I want to access phpmyadmin on dreamhost BUT I dont know how to without pointing the dns to dream host. The reason i cant point the dns over is because that server is still in production and the new data has not been migrated over.

Sorry if it sounded confusing.

Thanks man!

There is a neat little “hack” you can use while you wait for your hostname dns to be available (or if you have not yet changed it).

Once you have created your database in the DreamHost panel, and defined a hostname, if your hostname is “”, you can access it via phpmyadmin with the url:

(This tip is also available in the DreamHost wiki here)

–DreamHost Tech Support

alright got it working … sort of.

So I can now connect to mysql. BUT when i try to import my old db a 500k database :

#1044 - Access denied for user ‘#####’@‘’ to database ‘databasename’

how the heck can that happen I logged in from form control panel… am I missing something here?


Is the imported database local on your DreamHost account or are you trying to import it from your old site at another Host?

What I would do is take a backup of your old database. Download it to your own PC then upload to your DreamHost account. Then from phpmyadmin you can import the local database backup.

See this wiki entry here.


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