MySQL: Can I access DB from FTP?



Hi all,

I have a large Wordpress MySQL (58mb) file from my previous host that I would like to migrate over from my old host but I am having problems getting it onto my new Dreamhost account. I tried to use PHP MyAdmin but it won’t deal with a file that size.

Any ideas ?



This Wiki Article should guide you through the process. I just finished giving that article a major revision, so if you come along any problems or something doesn’t make sense feel free to fix it or let me know.



Great Stuff :slight_smile:

I managed to find out what was bloating my db. I was so stoopid - it was my stats file. Now deleted to a manageable 7mb.

By the way: I have 3 domains pointing to one - is it best to set them to ‘mirroring’ or will that affect how google rates my site?

Thanks ahagin.