Mysql Bridge

Hello, I was wondering if it’s possible to create a bridge between two sql databases that will allow the members of one database, to be a member of a second database without having to create 2 seperate accounts.

If someone know’s this is possible, Please tell me how.

Thank you for your time!

If you’re talking about db users, then you can add another DB user to your database in the Goodies -> MySql section. Click on Add User for that database and you’ll get a dropdown list of existing users.


thanks for the reply, but you didn’t understand what i mean.

i wan’t to link two seperate sql databases so that if someone is a user on one, they become a user on another.

I can’t imagine how that can be accomplished, other than merging the two databases into one.


ok, it seams like it isn’t going to work then.

I have done it before when i linked a Joomla database, with a PHPBB database.

I understand what you¢re saying. I need to do that too, did you find the answer??