Mysql backups


I’m attempting to set up mysql backup software on my Windows desktop.
All the Windows apps I’ve tried are using port 3306 to access my mysql db’s on my DH account - but all of them fail to connect.
I’ve double checked the server name and login details.

So… is the port right for DH mysql servers? Or am I missing something else?

I just want to be able to back up my mysql db’s to my desktop regularly…


Neil Atwood
Sydney, Oz


Did you modify the database user to allow connections from non-DreamHost hosts?

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Thanks. I had just found that info when I saw your reply.
I have modifed the user info and included my ip address.

But I’m still getting the error - is there a special syntax for the ip address in the user info?
I just entered


Neil Atwood
Sydney, Oz