Mysql and unique usernames


why do we need now to use unique usernames when creating mysql databases?


User names need to be unique because we’re all using the same MySQL servers.

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but a few days ago there was no necessity of doing this


Why are we even using the same server?
I like my usernames to be the same.


This is a shared hosting enviroment, enless you want to pay for a dedicated machine, you have to share resources with others. There are serveral mysql servers here, and you database will be placed on one of them, with a bunch of other databases from other customers. Enless you want someone else to be able to log into your database, user names need to be uniquie. Also, as far as I know, this has been the norm for some time now.



Well, I suppose this is a slap in the face to me to get organized XP

But the panel for MySQL is going HUGELY sluggish, any reason?

My other has had shared hosting and I could use the same username for everything.


OK I think you are all getting confused about what it means to have a “unique” username. What mattail means by unique is that you can’t have the same username as someone else on the mysql server. It doesn’t mean for each database you create you need a unique username. I have 5+ databases on my account and I log into them using the same username/password combo. Now if someone else already has chosen that username on the server, then you have to pick something else. For me that hasn’t been a problem. :slight_smile:


try to create a new database using this existing user
you’ll see that you cant do it anymore


So everyone can use MySQL and I still cannot?
What the heck is going on?


Some of us have been with DreamHost for a while.

DreamHost upgraded the web panel to allow customers to change the passwords of MySQL users. It appears in doing so they disabled the ability to use the web panel to add a particular MySQL user to more than one database. It’s apparent the web panel now assumes when adding a user you are adding one that does not exist.

You might want to contact support about the issue. Perhaps since there are multiple servers there are multiple user spaces and they don’t have a way to setup all your databases on the same server so you can use the same user. The web panel probably just needs to be updated to reflect that.

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Thank you, I sent them a note.


Yes, this is confusing. Being a “long-time” Dreamhoster, I was frustrated by not being able to have a common user name for different databases,.

Suddenly, one day, the system started letting me assign a user to more than one database, and I was happy.

Now, back to the “old ways”, which is a bit of a pain trying to keep track of which user is assigned to which database. The method I have used is to just add a prefix or a suffix (in a systematic way, of course, to make it easy for me to remember but not discernable by others - I hope) to the existing user name I would have used if I was allowed to.

A bit kludgy, but workable for me. I really did like being able to have the same user for multiple databases, though!



Its been past a day and I still haven’t gotten a reply…


[quote]try to create a new database using this existing user
you’ll see that you cant do it anymore[/quote]

Ooops. You’re right. looks for somewhere to hide


Was there a resolution on this? I will have to do some massive config file editing to fix my user/pass combos if I have to change them. :frowning:


Yes, they are keeping the unique username and password for a reason, so their mysql servers or whatever it is, can be balanced stabally.


It’s disappointing to hear about this change. So, to double-check that I’m understanding this, new databases can only have one user, which must be totally unique? What’s happening with existing databases that already have multiple users? Are they grandfathered in?

Does anybody remember when the shared user feature was first introduced? I believe it was at some point in 2005.


Databases can have several users, they just have to be unique.

Exisitng ones seem to be grandfathered - I’ve a couple that way and I heavn’t gotten any notices that they have to be renamed.