mySql and site down again

Both are now down again. No announcements…
(Server Sake / mySql : Hefty)

(Edit 02:12: running now)

Lasse Jakobsen

I’m also on SAKE, its been up and down like a yo-yo. Its down again at the moment for me.

My first ticket was closed, on the reboot announcement. Prematurely it seems.

Here is hoping that it gets resolved quickly and finally, being told its fixed when it is not is very frustrating.

I’m on Sake too, and, surprise, surprise, the site is down again this morning!

I get a weird error when trying to FTP to it too:

“No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.”


Still having problems with my site, this has been going on for over 6 hours now. With at this time no information forthcoming from dreamhost. There was the announcment over 12 hours ago that SAKE needed rebooting, but indicated that it was a 15 minute job.

Is it just SAKE is an unlucky machine, as it seems to getting mentioned the most on this forum :frowning:

Still up and down, still no response from dreamhost. Why is it the moment you want to work on something everything goes pear shaped ?

This is another example of them communicating close to nothing about the problem or ETA.

I’m getting very close to giving up on DH.

Why don’t they just retire Sake and transfer us to a new server? I don’t see the other servers having so many problems.


Now email is down too… together with web, ftp. The only thing that’s up is the control panel, that shows that the SERVER IS UP FOREVER!


My sites seem to be working fine again now, hopefully whatever was the problem has now been fixed. And some explanation will be forthcoming :slight_smile: