MySQL and PHPMyAdmin

Just want to make sure that I get this straight. You cannot create databases or users from the PHPMyAdmin panel, only from the DH Control Panel, is that correct? Also, can you create more than one database per domain or subdomain. For example, if I have a database for a wiki at, could I install another wiki at using a seperate database? Or do I have to create a subdomain to make a new database?


You can’t create new databases from phpMyAdmin. You have to use the control panel.

You can have as many databases you want and you do not have to create additionally subdomains. The only limitation is that the database servers is shared between users so you can’t add a database with a name that is already occupied.

So for every database that I would create, I would have to make a new user for it?

You could, but you don’t need to create more than one user to have unlimited databases.

this is the way it works.

you need at least one user for one database server. for example, user1 for

you can have more than one databases in the same server. for example, database1 and database2 in

therefore, if you create new databases in the same database server, you don’t have to create a new user for it.

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