MySql Administrator & Query Browser problems

Hey I was wondering if anyone elses uses either of those utilities to help manage their mysql databases. I use PHPmyadmin but with query analyzer and administrator you get a better visual view of your databases. I have been having problems trying to connect to the databases. I put in my normal login and password and normal server name and then it says login failed because of incorrect password “yes” even though that’s not my password. Any suggestions?

Before you can connect to a database wiht a system besides phpmyadmin you have to edit the mysql user to allow connections from other places than *

So log into the Panel > Goodies > Manage MySql and edit the user you want to connect with. You should see a box where you can add in your IP address. After that’s taken effect try and connect to your database again.

Hope that helps.

–Matttail - personal website

that worked thank you so much !