MySQL Admin not connecting



I’m trying to use MySQL Administartor to connect to my MySQL domain. I set up the whitelist under the Goodies/Mange mySQL so it looks like this:

MySQL Admin gives me the message that it can’t connect. Pinging the host gets returns and PHPmyadmin via the web works. I just have a test database at the domain; no tables or any data in it.

Any clues for newbie?


Double check MySQL user/password? :wink:



Always a good suggestion. Double-checked. Same result.

Then I remembered to check the settings on my DSL modem and saw that I had the SQL ports blocked. Problem solved.

Thanks for answering though.


Hey, No problem … and I know it was “obvious”, but it seemed to be the only thing you hadn’t mentioned having checked. :wink:

I’m glad you got it sorted!