MySQL Access

I’m not using deamhost as my DNS register. How do I access mysql? Do I need to configure a cname?

You need to add an A record to your DNS listing. To see what DNS entries you should have, click on Manage Domains, and then click DNS. You should find an A record with the required IP address.

Thanks! That worked. One more question. How do I create a user and password for mysql?

Go to the panel here and click the Add a User link to the right of your database listing.

Something must be messed up with my account. On the Manager Account page I see database name blog_XXXXXXXXX_co, when I click the edit link there is no database linked under my database(s).

Did you set your site as a One Click Easy Mode? I don’t think you get database access to those. I don’t use Easy mode, so I can’t check this for myself.

not sure what the issue is but support sent me the user and PW to access it via SSH.