MySQL access over the internet


Hi, I’d like to access my MySql database from my non-Dreamhost web app, but I’m having trouble. Is there anything I need to change in admin to make MySQL available outside of the Dreamhost network?



Yes, there is! You need to configure your MySQL user to be able to connect to your database from a remote host.



I don’t know of any way to do this per-database, but you can definitely allow MySQL users to access any database they have permission for from outside th DH network.

Inside the Mange MySQL section of the Panel, click on the user name of the account you want to give outside permission to. Find the ‘Allowable Hosts’ box and put either an IP address or DNS name for the computer or network you want to allow to connect.

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Ha ha ha! It’s great when the original poster gets multiple quick answers (and even better when the answers “match”!) :wink: .

While it’s not particularly intuitive, one “way to do this per-database” is to simply assign each database its own user … that way, allowing that user remote access would have the practical effect of only allowing remote access to a given database.



Wow! Thanks everyone for the quick response.

Yes, its comforting to know you all have the same suggestion. I’ll give them a try and let you know if it doesn’t work.

Thanks again!


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