mySql access move data question


I can’t access a mySql db because the domain name has expired. I want to move the data (which was from a mambo site) to a new Joomla! site I have just installed under a new URL.

The good people at support told me:

“Just use another domain that’s on your account and is still active to create a hostname and use that to access the database.”

However, I don’t know much about mySql. I can back the data up if I can access the db.

Can someone please give me a step-by-step guide how to access the inaccessible db through the db I have just set up (for Joomla!)?


Confused in California


It should be fairly simple. Here’s the basics, let me know if you need definations on something in paticular.

log into the Panel > Goodies > Manage Mysql.
Find your database that you can’t access any more, and where it says: Hostname(s) for this MySQL server: [Add One]
Click “Add One”

Just add a new hostname at a domain you can access. I see no need to go any further than this, as hostnames are not fully interchangable. If you feel the need to move it to a new database for whatever reason, check out the migrate mysql article in the Wiki, it will give you instructions on taking a backup and filling it into the new database.

–Matttail - personal website


Good explanation. Thanks. It worked.