MySQL Access Denied

DH moved my database to another server last night and ever sincem I’m getting error messages that access is denied to the db user:
Database error in vBulletin :

Cannot use database {db name}

MySQL Error : Access denied for user ‘{db user}’@‘’ to database '{db name}'
Error Number : 1044
Date : Wednesday, January 24th 2007 @ 12:37:20 PM
Script :
Referrer :
IP Address : {removed}
Username :
Classname : vb_database

Now that host is added to the allowed users as is %.etc and whilst it worked for about an hour this morning, something’s been broken from 1.00am to 8.00am and from around 9.00am until now.


I’ve sent support requests but they’ve not yet been acted on.

Perhaps that would count as a changed hostname with a new IP. So it could be a case of waiting for DNS propagation again. The fact you could access it for an hour is usually indicative of DNS problems as DNS caches are refreshed along your traceroute.

Then again something might have just snapped. :slight_smile:


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If you’re in a rush, add the current ip directly to the user and you can get rid of it in a week after the dns catches up.