MySQL - Access denied for user 'blah'@'blah'?

“Access denied for user ‘blah’@‘blah’ using password: YES”

Hi Folks, I’m sure someone has seen that before. Question is can I get around the problem?

I’m trying to access a db from OpenOffice Base so I can merge the output from FacileForms in Joomla with a document in OpenOffice and I’m nearly there, but I’ve got a bad feeling that I may not be able to get around this hurdle. I suspect it’s to do with my ‘unauthorized’ home ip address.

I’m right out of my comfort zone here with MySQL. Is it possible to instruct the server to accept my request for access?

Thanks for reading, best wishes All.


You can whitelist your IP:

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Thank you, sorted. I am now looking at live data from Joomla in OpenOs form designer, fantastic.