MySQL Access database - help


I really need your help from you guys!

I have been a dreamhost client for 4 years and it seems they terminated my account, due to not respecting the TOS . I asked what is all about but couldn’t explain, the only way to stay a dreamhost client is to upgrade to dedicated server and I can’t afford.

My problem is the following , I need to back-up , export my MySQL databases, but all my websites give "error id: “bad_httpd_conf” , probably because they deactivated my websites.

So I can’t access phpmyadmin through .

How can I backup my mysql databases so that I can import them somwhere elese ?

I am not so good at tehnic stuff.

Thank you a lot for your help! Those databases are a lifetime work!

use the command line interface. use ssh to connect to your account, then use mysqldump.

could you explain in more detail why DH terminated your account? It’s always very informative to hear both sides of these issues. Were you consuming too many resources (as implied) or do dedicated servers allow you to do things that are explicitly prohibited in the TOS?