MySQL A Record can't be changed at registar because nameservers are already pointing here

I tried setting up a MySQL in the normal way, but apparently doesn’t work here at Dreamhost as it does on other host.

It says I have to be using Dreamhost’s nameservers and at my register I am using Dreamhost servers, all 3 of them. Putting in nameservers at my register is normal ALL I have ever had to do and have had no problems.

I can’t Add an ‘A’ record at my register because the nameservers are pointing to Dreamhost already. So looks like a catch 22. Or that Dreamhost is forcing people to change registers do they have control of your domain also?

I await your answer before I decide to do anything else since I just signed up.

Also, not to happy with no 24 hour chat support? Not sure if you don’t have it because of COVID or what but also not very helpful.


Well I seem have to fixed the issue. I installed Wordpress manually but if I just install Wordpress through the auto-installer it automatically setups my MySQL database. So at least this is here for anyone else who runs into the same problem.


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